The resurgence of bed bugs in the past few years has been worldwide including the interior of British Columbia. Bed bugs can be found in residential homes, hotels, schools, restaurants, hospitals, and care homes.

Bed bugs do not live on their hosts such as lice, but hide in cracks in furniture and in walls, and feed on humans and other animals when they are inactive, usually while sleeping. The following key areas are essential during inspections:

  • Mattress, including seams and buttons, tags and handles
  • Box spring, including plastic guards. Remove the material covering the underside and check the wood frame.
  • Headboard, bed frame and hollow caster legs
  • Beside furniture, drawers and cupboards
  • Other furniture, along seams, buttons and joints. Furniture should be turned over to inspect the underside.
  • Behind electrical switch plates and receptacles
  • Telephones, clock radios and televisions
  • Under loose wallpaper, picture frames, mirrors, blinds, curtains and books

Our control method is to treat all of the above areas in each bedroom. We also treat couches and upholstered chairs in living rooms, family rooms, and recreation rooms.
We use insecticides, steaming, and vacuuming for treatment. It is recommended that at least 3 treatments are required, approximately 7-14 days apart from each other. You should vacate the premises for at least 6 hours after treatment. You must vacate longer if there are health issues such as asthma, or anyone pregnant, infants, and elderly..
Our costs are based on the number of bedrooms in a home apartment/condo or townhome, and comes with a 3 month warranty, please contact us for a free quote.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments
Thermal Remediation (heat treatments) for Bed Bugs:
Bed bugs can be a very difficult pest to get rid of, even with the use of approved insecticides. They are very good at hiding in cracks and crevices, and can become resistant to insecticides. Heat treatments have become a proven and effective process for eliminating bed bugs. Besides being effective in just one treatment; heat also eliminates the use of insecticides in your home, and eliminates removing all of your personal items from the room for an insecticide treatment.
We offer our heat treatments for residential applications, businesses, as well as healthcare facilities and other commercial facilities.

Why Heat:

Safe: A chemical free, environmentally responsible options
Effective: Kills all life stages including eggs
Efficient: Takes only one treatment for 100% control

How It Works:

Our electric heating system will apply heat to a room at a lethal target temperature of around 125-140 degrees F to kill all life stages of bed bugs including their eggs. We make sure the target temperature is maintained for between 2-3 hours on average.
While the temperature is rising, our technicians will apply a natural product called Diatomaceous Earth (DE) to all cracks and crevices in walls including power outlets and light switches. We may also apply DE to furniture cracks and crevices.
Once the target temperature is reached, our technician will begin rotating items throughout the unit to ensure even heat penetration.
After the heat treatment is complete, we install pheromone and CO2 lures to monitor if by chance there are any bed bugs left, and will be checked for activity in a few weeks.
If any bed bug activity is noticed in the lures in 7-10 days, we will return for a follow-up treatment covered under the warranty.

All thermal remediation treatments are warrantied for 30-60 days.

In some cases when infestations are severe, we may recommend the combination of our heat treatment, plus the application of a residual insecticide to the exterior cracks and crevices of the treatment area. This is to ensure any bed bugs in large populations will not be missed from the treatment. This option may be required in some cases, but does minimize the use of an insecticide to a minimum.

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